Dimbula Seasonal

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Savour the seasonal appearance of tea, which comes with a unique flavour and aroma influenced by climatic conditions and terroir. When exposed to dry winds, sun and frost, the tea bushes go through a state of combined stress, which results in flushes with volatile compounds. Between the world heritage site of Adam’s Peak and Horton Plains at an altitude of 1100-1600m above sea level lies Dimbula Valley (Region) which produces a uniquely delicate tea with a fragrant Jasmine flavour and a bright, brisk full-bodied brew. These signature black tea leaves are chosen by our expert master tasters to offer a unique limited edition artisanal teas, which are tailor-made to enjoy the refined taste of seasonal Ceylon tea by the tea lovers across the globe.

Cup Colour: Bright firebrick colour with a Golden hue

Taste: A bright full-bodied brew with a natural fragrant of Jasmine notes and a lingering sweet aftertaste

Brewing Directions: 2g, 150ml, 100 Celsius, 5 minutes, single brew

Strength: Strong