Ruhuna Seasonal

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Seasonal appearance of flavour occurs when Lumbini valley, which lies 400m above sea level is exposed to a combination of dry Oceanic breeze from southern coast and fresh rainforest winds from Sinharaja, creating a seasonal appearance in tea. The pure breeze coming from Sinharaja rainforest is uniquely scented with the sweet fragrance of 'Horsfieldia trees' that grows abundantly in the wild and the honey Bees get attracted to them. Giri's master tea makers produce these artisanal teas in our Lumbini Valley, to enjoy the true traits of seasonal Ceylon Tea by tea lovers across the globe.

Cup Colour: Dark apricot

Taste: Lightly roasted peanut flavour with a hint of sweetness

Brewing Directions: 4g, 150ml, 90 Celsius, 30 seconds, multiple brews

Strength: Medium