Ceylon Leafy Green

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Cup Colour: Pale Banana Yellow

Taste: A delicate note of greens with a hint of Citrus taste

Brewing Directions: 4g to be flushed once before immersing in 150ml of near-boiling (85° Celsius) water for 1 minute, producing, and to be repeated for multiple brews.

Strength: Light 

More about - Ceylon Leafy Green

The crispness of the higher climes of Sri Lanka is clearly evident in this high-grown artisanal green tea. Fresh handpicked leaves are lightly pan-roasted to bring out a natural woody essence to the cup, complementing the nature-infused flavor profile of forest greens and the lingering hint of citrus. Smooth and light-bodied, Ceylon Leafy Green is an unblended single-origin green tea, enriched with health-boosting antioxidants and essential minerals that are slowly diffused across multiple infusions. Refreshing and uplifting, each sip you savor takes you to a higher elevation of wellness.