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The remotely situated Uva Valley (Region), which lies 600m above sea level, is often subjected to seasonal appearances. 
 When monsoonal winds of both North East and South West funnel through the gaps of Ohiya and Idalgashenna regions, the tea bushes go through a state of combined stress, which results in flushes with various volatile compounds. This creates a distinctive character and an intensely floral Linalool flavour in tea. Once sipped, the pungent taste of Uva Tea is easy to distinguish. Traces of natural mint flavoured pungency and the golden hue is some of the tea characteristics unique to the microclimatic conditions in Uva. Sir Thomas Lipton, the great Victorian magnate first persuaded Americans to take up the tea-drinking habit with the tea that was grown and manufactured in his Uva tea estate. These signature black tea leaves are chosen by our expert master tasters to offer a unique limited edition artisanal teas, which are tailor-made to enjoy the refined taste of seasonal Ceylon tea by the tea lovers across the globe.

Cup Colour: Bright orange colour with a Golden hue

Taste: Bright pungent with a hint of Menthol (Linalool) notes

Brewing Directions: 2g, 150ml, 100 Celsius, 5 minutes, multiple brews

Strength: Strong