Breakfast Teas

The cup that starts your day.

Typically English in nature, Breakfast Tea is a rich and full-bodied cup of tea that gives you an invigorating start to the day. The flavor of this particular type of tea is stronger and more robust than that of other varieties, and this richness in flavor is recognized as contributing to a sense of alertness in the morning. A good quality breakfast tea is typically identified as a brew that comes out well complemented with milk.

The Lumbini range of breakfast teas is unique as they are unblended and single-origin teas produced using selectively handpicked two leaves and bud. Rich aromatic flavors such as caramel and floral notes are apparent, and some of them even hold the distinction of being the only breakfast teas in the world to contain the tiny tender apical buds; famed for their exclusivity and rich health-boosting antioxidants and minerals.    

Rich in wellness, this morning beverage could be part of your daily ritual; kickstarting the day, giving you that spark of momentum to get through life’s many challenges.