The earth - robust and untainted
The air - pure and invigorating
The water - fresh and rich
The light - new and bright,
Shaped by the soul and care of the people,

these elements come together to create a cup of tea so exquisite, it distills the essence of its home, and moves the senses to an island paradise where every element fuses, creating a cup of tea fit for a tea Lover.

Lumbini Tea Valley withe morning fog
Lumbini Tea Valley

The Valley, it is here that the story of the world’s finest tea begins… The valley is a place where the soil is un-eroded and nutritious, with pure oxygen rich air flowing in from 18,900 acres of virgin rain forest Sinharaja (UNESCO world heritage site). The warm ocean breeze wafts in from the Southern coast, while the Gin River famous for its precious stones flows through the valley below. The unique combination of atmospheres make for one of the richest, unspoiled environments on the earth.

Once the natural essence of the laves is brought out, the fresh oxygen rich atmosphere of the Lumbini valley comes in to play, developing flavour, aroma and richness, enhancing the wellness offered through the tea as the tea naturally oxidizes.

Lumbini Tea Factory in the fog
Lumbini White Tea - two leaves and bud

We are also expanding our grove, and have a new crop of rare white teas, and are perfecting the art of refining their taste in the Lumbini Valley. Our white tea is Cultivar 2043 from Camellia Sinensis.

Lumbini Tea Estate
Lumbini Tea Bushes

On the edge of the forest we have begun a new phase in the Lumbini Valley story, our organic tea farming project - “Kalè”

To unite the elements of earth, air, light, and water to produce a cup of tea that reflects the land it came from and the heart and feelings of every person involved in the process of creating it. We are looking to create a better world in and outside the cup. Within the cup we have preserved perfection, as close to the first ‘untainted’ cup of Camelia Sinensis drunk 5000 years ago. Preserving it from the industrialization and commoditization of tea which has polluted the air and ground water in many tea growing areas globally.

Our tea bushes breathe the cleanest Oxygen rich air and lay roots in the purest soil giving us at Lumbini Valley the scope to produce and refine teas that are elixirs for the body and the soul, that has taken the Lumbini Valley brand to the world.

Chaminda and Haris











Our Growth

2018 September

Birth of Nature's Beverages

Nature's Beverages Pty Ltd (Australia), is a venture that aims to reach the consumer directly allowing the Lumbini Valley tea brand to stay true to its values and serve consumers in a more accessible manner.

Co-founders - Chaminda, Harris Uddika & Kosala

Chaminda, Haris, Kosala - Natures Beverages

2016 MARCH

Birth of GiriTM Brand & Giri Tea Marketing (Pvt) Ltd

The brand GiriTM was founded to introduce unique Ceylon teas with the latest additions of the Lumbini Tea Valley craftsmanship.

Co-founders - Chaminda & Harris Uddika

Haris and Chaminda - Giri Tea

2006 MARCH

Birth of DaluTM Brand & Lumbini Tea Exports (Pvt) Ltd

Chaminda Jayawardana introduced Lumbini Valley teas through the brand DaluTM to the global tea lovers.

Founder - Chaminda Jayawardana

Chaminda - Dalu Tea
Sinharaja Wiry Tips
Manjary Handcrafted Tea
Ladaluchakra Handcrafted Tea

2000 MARCH

Joining forces

Mr. Dayapala Jayawardana Introduce his son Chaminda Jayawardana to his business.


1984 MARCH

Setup State Of Art Tea Factory

In 1984 Mr. Dayapala Jayawardana managed to setup state of art factory to produce authentic Lumbini black tea by laying a foundation for the great brand Lumbini Tea Valley today.

Lumbini Tea Factory

1975 MARCH

The Beginning

In 1975 along the valley of Lumbini, Mr. Dayapala Jayawardana planted his first tea field. His vision was to create a great tasting tea that reflects the true character of tea leaves and the land.

Founder - Mr. Dayapala Jayawardana

Dayapala Jayawardana