Every day tea pluckers rise before sun dawn to handpick two leaves and a bud which are kissed by the rain forest wind and the morning dew. These leaves are the finest specimen of nature and are bursting with aroma, taste and medicinal values


The leaves are then placed on a withering bed and left to wither naturally which reduces their moisture and makes them pliable for rolling. This process is closely monitored with experts at hand each step of the way and enables the tea makers to extract the essence of the tea


The tea leaves are twisted using Kithul fitted rollers to perfection and maximizing the twist to bring out the natural essence that lay within. The rolling of the tea is an art that only sees perfection when practiced for many years, and each Lumbini leaf gets this expert treatment


After rolling, the pure unpolluted air of the Lumbini Tea Valley is left to kiss the leaves while veteran tea masters keep a watchful eye maintaining the right humidity and temperature. Through this tea leaves are transformed and infused many of its properties blessed by the Sinharaja Rain Forest


Tea is then fired to preserve it’s characters, build on the Lumbini valley expertise in the fine art of black tea manufacturing to create different consistencies aromas, flavours and flowery notes offering tea connoisseurs the finest tea experience.


Tea is sorted using the modern technologies ensuring proper separation occurs from leaf to tip while dividing tea by leaf colour, weight and size assuring consistency and quality.


The two tea masters Chaminda & Haris with a combined experience of over 50 years in the tea industry carefully taste & monitor the process to achieve consistency in quality, taste, aroma, flavour & it’s medicinal value.