The valley with the Lumbini tea factory

The Valley

The earth - robust and untainted
The air - pure and invigorating 
The water - fresh and rich 
The light - new and bright, 
Shaped by the soul and care of the people, 

these elements come together to create a cup of tea so exquisite, it distills the essence of its home, and moves the senses to an island paradise where every element fuses, creating a cup of tea fit for a tea Lover.

The Valley, it is here that the story of the world's finest tea begins… The valley is a place where the soil is un-eroded and nutritious, with pure Oxygen rich air flowing in from 18,900 acres of virgin rain forest Sinharaja (UNESCO world heritage site). The warm ocean breeze wafts in from the Southern coast, while the Gin River famous for its precious stones flows through the valley below. The unique combination of atmospheres make for one of the richest, unspoiled environments on the earth.

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