White Teas

Rare, Exclusive, and Exquisite

Once reserved for royalty, White Tea is a beverage that caters to more indulgent tastes, and is considered as being more akin to a sensory experience than one of consumption. White Tea is made exclusively from young leaf and bud before they are fully opened, while still covered by fine white hairs, for which the tea is named. The manufacturing process for this select tea involves only the harvesting, withering, and drying of leaves, making it the most minimally processed of all teas. As such, White Tea is regarded to be one of the freshest and healthiest form of tea available since it retains the highest concentration of antioxidants and natural compounds.

This unique artisanal tea is made using selectively handpicked leaves from a rare variety of camellia sinensis (Purple Tea) plant, grown in the Lumbini Valley, making it a highly premium and exclusive product. Delicate, light and boasting aromatic flavors of subtle musk infused with floral and fruity notes, Lumbini White Tea is tea in its purest form.

White Tea is mild on the palate, yet brimming with natural goodness in comprising a high variety of antioxidants. This makes it a health beverage in certainty, that artfully manages to also be in equal parts, luxuriant and exclusive as well. Celebrate life and its best moments; any time of day, while savoring this beautifully indulgent variety of tea.