Handcrafted Teas

Uniqueness made with meticulous care, just for your cup

Liquid gold could be just one way of describing these rare and unique types of tea that are produced in extremely limited quantity for that discerning consumer who is looking for the next-level experience in their cup of tea. A highly misused label, Handcrafted Teas are teas that are made exclusively using the element of human craftsmanship with minimal to no involvement of machinery, in bringing out the desired qualities and appearances.

With up to five patented varieties; each completely unique to the other in appearance and character, Lumbini Tea Valley is at the forefront in leading the world’s Handcrafted Tea offering. Made using young whole leaf, and two leaves and a bud; freshly handpicked from the Lumbini Valley, these Handcrafted Teas are truly 'Works of art in that even the tea brewing process is a sensory experience in itself.

Created by true masters of the trade, the Lumbini Handcrafted Teas portray the best of our tea making abilities; refined and perfected through decades of dedication to the art and science of tea. This singularly unique journey for the senses that we offer through our teas is something to be experienced and not described. Welcome to a whole new world of tea!