Green Teas

Nature infused goodness, preserved in wholeness

Made from unoxidized leaves, Green Tea is one of the least oxidised types of teas. Crafted using the same leaf sourced from the Camellia Sinensis plant that also produces Black Tea, Green Tea is widely recognized as one of the best natural health beverages as it contains the highest concentration of catechins. This is due to the adoption of pan-firing or steaming methods in the tea making process which ultimately prevents the oxidation of leaves; thereby preserving an extremely high composition of catechins.

Lumbini Green Teas make use of leaf sourced from the valley, as well as tea from some of the best high-grown tea producing regions in Sri Lanka. Pan-roasted and twisted to perfection; the delicate liqueurs produce light aromatic notes of forest greens and citrus. These unmixed single-origin Ceylon Green Teas are pure, and packed with health-boosting compounds. A light-bodied tea that can be drunk during any time of the day, here is a true elixir of life that reveals its secrets of goodness across multiple infusions while gifting longevity, unconditionally and uncompromisingly.