Flavored Teas

Vibrant and delectable… so tell us, what is YOUR flavor?

Variety is the Zest of life and so it appears to be, the zest of tea as well. Flavored Tea is highly popular all over the world and there seems to be no end to the mix of flavors that are infused into tea. A trend that started with the popular flavor styles of Jasmine Green, Masala Chai, and Earl Grey, has now expanded into a world of fruit, spices, and other delectable vibrancy. The two most common types of tea used as the base for flavor infusion are black and green teas. White tea is also used on occasion but not as frequently.

Lumbini Tea Valley employs decades of experience in the fine art of tea making, to infuse flavors you love into these award-winning teas. Each flavored tea uses the best-quality two leaves and bud sourced from the valley; fresh and pure, with the objective of making your cup of tea more appealing while also ensuring the highest level of purity and naturally infused goodness.

Traditional in our emphasis on quality, yet modern in our approach of connecting with trending lifestyles of the present, Lumbini Flavored Teas are made for the adventurous individual in you. And again, we ask, how flavorful are YOU?