Muguru - Handcrafted Tea

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Cup Colour: Pale gold

Taste: Natural malt with a hint of lingering sweetness

Brewing Directions: 4g (30 sticks) flushed once before immersing in 150ml of near-boiling (90° Celsius) water for 30 seconds producing, and to be repeated for multiple brews.

Strength: Light

More about - Muguru - Handcrafted Tea

A comet breaks apart the liquid sky as it enters the atmosphere, trailing gold fire. Such is the visual personification when brewing a cup of Muguru, the fabulous hand-spun tea created from the handpicked leaf and stem. This slow-release tea liberates its natural malt flavor and aroma initially, followed by the release of health-boosting antioxidants and then essential minerals across multiple infusions as the tail and then the head of the comet unravel in respective progression. Produced exclusively in limited quantities by the 'Dalu' Master Tea Artisans at Lumbini, Muguru provides an experiential ritual to precede your day.

As ethical as we are innovative, royalties are gifted to the creators of these signature handspun teas.