Ceylon Afternoon Delight

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Cup Colour: Bright light orange

Taste: Tangy dry taste with a subtle note of citrus and a lingering sweetness

Brewing Directions: 4g flushed once before immersing in 150ml of near-boiling (90° Celsius) water for 30 seconds, producing, and to be repeated for multiple brews.

Strength: Medium

More about - Ceylon Afternoon Delight

Made from the garden-fresh 'two leaves and a bud' combination, and crafted to perfection by the 'Giri' Master Tea Makers, Ceylon Afternoon Delight is a signature mid-day tea from Lumbini Tea Valley that infuses a bit of positive energy to your ongoing day. Not heavy on the palate, yet reassuringly strengthening, it delivers a sense of calm and renewed focus. Aromatic and flavorful with dry, tangy notes and the subtle sweetness of caramel, enjoy a well-deserved 'me-time' filled with warm, naturally enriched goodness with health-boosting antioxidants and essential minerals.


  • Merit Award, Ceylon Specialty Tea Award, Dubai, 2015