Manjary - Handcrafted Tea

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Cup Colour: Pinkish orange

Taste: Slightly earthy with a delicate honey sweetness

Brewing Directions: 4g (24 flowers) flushed once before immersing in 150ml of boiling (100° Celsius) water for 30 seconds producing, and to be repeated for multiple brews.

Strength: Light

More about - Manjary - Handcrafted Tea

A wild rose blooms at the hands of a master craftsman in the valley of Lumbini, the tender leaf just below the bud - handpicked, and spun delicately to create a tea that is unique to the world. The liqueur itself hints at its floral essence in flavor and aroma, whilst carrying the subtleness of honey and malt as forwarding notes. The 'slow-release' nature reveal different characters across multiple infusions, beginning with flavor, aroma, health-boosting antioxidants and then essential minerals. Manjary is one of our most premium signature teas produced in extremely limited quantity and best savored at the dawn of light as the world blossoms anew.

As ethical as we are innovative, royalties are gifted to the creators of these signature handspun teas.


  • 'Best Innovation', SIAL Middle East, Abu Dhabi - UAE, 2015
  • Silver Medal, World Tea Championship, USA, 2018

Lumbini Tea Valley - Award Winning Tea