Nuwara Eliya Seasonal

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Savour the seasonal appearance of tea, which comes with a unique flavour and aroma influenced by climatic conditions and terroir. When exposed to dry winds, sun and frost, the tea bushes go through a state of combined stress, which results in flushes with volatile compounds. The Nuwara Eliya Valley (Region), which lies above 2000m from sea level, embraces the fragrant air of Cypress, Wild Mint and Eucalyptus in the mountains. The final cup of tea possesses a uniquely delicate natural citrus flavour with a golden hue. These signature black tea leaves are picked by our expert master tasters to offer a unique limited edition artisanal teas, which are tailor-made to enjoy the refined taste of seasonal Ceylon tea by the tea lovers across the globe.

Cup Colour: Bright mustard colour with a yellow hue

Taste: Green grape and a hint of a citrus note

Brewing Directions: 2g, 150ml, 100 Celsius, 5 minutes

Strength: Medium