Ceylon Malty Black

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Cup Colour: Forest dark honey

Taste: Natural malty flavour with a subtle sweetness

Brewing Directions: 2g flushed once before immersing in 150ml of near-boiling (90° Celsius) water for 2 minutes, producing, and to be repeated for multiple brews.

Strength: Strong

More about - Ceylon Malty Black

The best leaves of the Lumbini Valley are handpicked, rolled, and twisted to create this grainy Ceylon Black Tea. Showcasing the versatility of the Giri Master Tea Makers, the malty profile of Ceylon Malty Black has been naturally induced through superior craftsmanship practices. Thick, strong and distinctive in flavor and aroma, this is a straightforward yet exclusive tea that stands tall among more complex counterparts, simply due to its uniquely singular, and highly delectable malt profile. This tea is filled with warm, naturally enriched goodness with health-boosting antioxidants and essential minerals.