Dimbula Seasonal

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Cup Colour: Bright firebrick colour with a golden hue

Taste: Pale orange, earthy color. A pinkish brew with a seasonal floral bouquet and a hint of Jasmon note

Brewing Directions: 2g to be immersed in 150ml of boiling (100° Celsius) water for 5 minutes to produce a single, fully character infused brew

Strength: Strong

More about - Dimbula Seasonal

Savor the seasonal appearance in tea, as climatic conditions couple with unique geographical elements to create Dimbula Seasonal; a tea that is sublime in its portrayal of a valley that resides between the World Heritage Sites of Adam's Peak and Horton Plains. Dry, frost-bitten seasonal winds and bright sunlight induce the tea plant into a state of stress, releasing compounds that bring out the signature Jasmon notes overlaid with a subtle sweetness. The best-quality handpicked leaf, grown in altitudes of over one-thousand to one-thousand six hundred meters above sea-level are meticulously processed by the 'Giri' Master Craftsmen in creating a fine, full-bodied artisanal tea that reflects the beauty and purity of the Dimbula region on the palates of tea lovers across the world. Dimbula Seasonal is full of naturally infused health-boosting antioxidants and essential minerals that can be discovered across multiple infusions.