Pomegranate with Ceylon White Leafy

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Cup Colour: Pale green with a rose hue

Taste: Pomegranate with hints of honeydew melon, rose, and musk

Brewing Directions: 4g to be immersed in 150ml of near-boiling (85° Celsius) water for 2 minutes, producing, and to be repeated for multiple brews.

Strength: Light

More about - Pomegranate with Ceylon White Leafy

We use the finest Ceylon tea, specially grown at our Lumbini Valley Tea garden lies below the World heritage rainforest Sinharaja to create this unique and rare flavored tea; Pomegranate With Ceylon White Leafy. Selectively handpicked two leaves and bud from the purple Camelia Sinesis are masterfully processed to craft an aromatic brew that presents the slightly astringent, sharp sweetness of pomegranate. The 'Giri' Master Tea Makers have complemented the distinct fruit flavor through textured flavor notes with the infusion of delicate rose petals, earthy musk and a trace of honeydew melon to unveil a layered tea drinking experience made especially for the adventurous palate.