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We all know that the British introduced tea to Sri Lanka. But do we really know the roots of this story? In this article, we’re delving deep into the history of Ceylon Tea and uncovering the legendary growth of this famous Cuppa. The Legend of Ceylon Tea Sometimes our first choices may not always be the right choices. In the case of Sri Lanka’s plantation history that surely rings true - perhaps that’s why we moved from coffee to tea. Yes, we have to attribute the origins of tea plantation in Sri Lanka to James Taylor, a reclusive planter who...

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Ceylon black tea, like other "true" tea types, come from the tea plant called Camellia sinensis. But what sets black tea apart from its cousins is the way it is processed. Where green tea is steamed but never oxidized, and white and oolong teas are only partially oxidized, black tea undergoes full oxidation. After picking, the leaves of the tea plant are withered, rolled, and fermented for a number of hours before the black tea is finally dried and packed into different shapes and sizes. This unique processing method actually accounts for the stronger and more flavorful taste of Ceylon...

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