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What could be better than a cup of tea? The answer is a cup of tea infused with the natural goodness of ginger. It is a popular fact that both tea and ginger are high in their health-boosting properties. So, it would make perfect sense to bring these wonder elements together. Aromatically pungent and flavorful with the heat of spice, ginger black tea is a refreshing version of the world's favorite beverage (next to water of course!). Across the entirety of this blog, we will look at how this fantastic brew originated, what health benefits it yields, and how it should...

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For many decades now, extensive research has been done over tea whether flavoured black tea, oolong, green, or white tea. And those same research studies have confirmed that there are many health benefits associated with drinking green tea and its fermented cousin, flavoured black tea. Now, more than ever, people have come to realize that flavoured black tea is more than just delicious tea, but something that has the potential to be a dietary regular as well. Classic and endearing, the great thing about black tea is that it undergoes full oxidation (commonly called "fermentation"), and because of that, they...

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